Uphill Rush 9

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Uphill Rush 9

The Uphill Rush 9 series is back for a third installment! Prepare to leap and soar to the top of the leaderboard in this new fascinating animal game featuring adorable horses, ponies, and magnificent unicorns! With 20 levels set in a fascinating universe of farm villages and western cities, 34 horses and other iconic Uphill Rush vehicles to pick from, and more than 50 creative outfits to unlock. Demonstrate your abilities and earn those three stars!

The popular Uphill Rush franchise is returning to bring us even more joy. There will be no more inflatable tubes or water parks this season! Play as a horseback rider, galloping at full speed while collecting gold coins and diamonds, then tackling the terrifying leap ramps with abandon. To earn more points, perform insane stunts in the air. Uphill Rush 9 includes 20 stages, 34 different mounts, and a variety of clothes to unlock in the shop (horses, ponies, unicorns but also other emblematic vehicles from the series).

Set yourself up for an alternate experience in Uphill Rush 9. Now is the right time to leave the water park for an entirely different competition in this hustling game.

This time around, you'll be impacting through a flawless district loaded with beautiful mountains and interesting ranches. Ride ponies or bounce in the driver's seat of a great air cushion vehicle in this Uphill Rush hustling game. There's loads of mint pieces to gather during each trip that you can later exchange for overhauls or extra creatures and vehicles. You could even wind up riding a unicorn!

How to Play Uphill Rush 9?
Uphill Rush 9 is an intriguing experience game. Advance across a lofty field brimming with country roads, slopes, unexpected drops, and a periodic circle. Evaluate a wide range of vehicles and creatures including ponies and zebras that will assist you with arriving at the finish of each difficult level.

How to play Uphill Rush 9

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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