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Subway Stone

In Subway Stone game you play as Shredder who has to save his friends by solving puzzles and collecting coins in each level without getting caught by the security cameras. Use your imagination and have fun while playing this new FREE game called Subway Surfer. If you are a SURFER then this is your game! Being a SURFER means being a SHORTSTOP, it means always staying one step ahead of the other surfers. The goal is to stay on the train as long as possible and try to beat your previous score. Try not to get caught by the security guards, they will take you off the train and you will not be able to ride again until after 3 minutes. Keep trying for better results!

This game is easy to play but hard to master. You will need good reflexes and timing as well as some spatial awareness in order to succeed. Practice makes perfect so keep playing over and over again in order to become an expert SURFER and go for high scores. - The objective of this game is simple, stay on the train car as long as possible by turning left or right at each intersection without getting caught. To keep balance we have added some other challenges like security guards that chase you if they see you, passing through closed gates or trying to collect gold coins that are hidden inside each car of the train before time runs.

Kids love travelling by train because it’s a convenient way to get around. They don’t even have to buy a ticket! Kids just need to find their way into the train and they can explore at will. But what if kids could take on the role of the conductor and design a whole subway system for them? That would be like having their own private train set where they could play all day long! Well, that’s exactly what you get in this Unity 3D Adventure game called ‘Subway Surfer’. With the help of your friend, you have to design a whole network of subway stations across several cities. The catch is that these stations are going to be specifically built for little kids so that they can safely play there without getting hurt or getting lost. 

Subway Surfers is an adventure third-person puzzle mobile game based on the characters from the best-selling Subway Surfing app. Explore 35 epic levels with more than 40 challenging missions. Become the master of 180+ unique obstacles that are part of a gigantic secret underground world called “The Lab”.

In this game You Are a Subway Sandwich and You Have to Run Away from the Police. They are Trying to Catch You. But Wait! There Are Manysecrets in the Subway. Find the Hidden Items and Explore Different Layers of this Huge World in order to Stay Afloat for as Long As Possible. Come Race With Your Friends, Make New Friends and maybe even Fall in Love With Someone Completely Literal Who Even Knows Where They Are Right Now.

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How to play Subway Stone

arrows to move and jump