Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

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Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

Inactive Zoo: Safari Rescue is a reproduction game that will place you responsible for a whole zoo. You'll get to choose which creatures to incorporate and think of various ways of assisting it with turning into an enormous achievement. Get to work in Idle Zoo: Safari Rescue. Bunches of creatures could truly involve your assistance in this zoo game!

This zoo has most certainly been better. Luckily, you're here to assist with transforming it into one of the locale's best vacation spots in this inactive game. You'll have to choose creatures like lions and elephants to add to the zoo and bring in heaps of money as you go from being a simple understudy to the zoo's lead supervisor.

How to PlayIdle Zoo Safari Rescue: You’ve just woken up in an abandoned zoo. There’s no way out, and you’re trapped here for the rest of your life. You have to watch the other animals from outside the cages, and try to keep them from being eaten by the other animals. You’ll have to feed them, give them medical care, explore the zoo to find hidden items and solve puzzles. You’ll need to explore the zoo and find animals to help you get out as soon as possible. The zoo is full of different types of animals, some friendly and some dangerous. Explore the different areas of the zoo and try to keep the other animals safe. 

Inactive Zoo Safari Rescue is a clicker game where you deal with the Zoo and select creatures to incorporate and produce coins. These coins can be utilized to redesign and purchase new creature for your zoo.. As you play the game, you’ll also be playing through its story mode as well as its various different game modes such as the rescue, the rescue-re-re-re-rescue and the rescue-re-rescue-re-re-rescue again mode. So what’s this game all about? The aim of this game is to help the zookeepers look after their animals and keep them happy. You’ll need to make sure that each animal has everything it needs to be happy and to keep it healthy. You’ll be doing this by exploring the zoo and finding objects that help the zookeepers to look after their animals. The more animals you look after, the more points you’ll receive.

How to play Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

Using Mouse Touch only