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Flying Orange

Flying Orange is an experience platformer where you play a natural product orange that in some way got into a risky spot, assist him with keeping away from traps, utilize the stream pack lashed to his back. Flying Orange is a stage game in which you control this little orange to get away from the risks of room. 

You are a young boy with a dream. But where do you start? Where can you go? You see paths and possibilities everywhere. But how do you make that first step? A step into the unknown, a step into the wild. Step into OOR - the world of flying. Experience an exciting adventure through the skies of OOR. OOR is a world of creativity and adventure. Explore the skies, meet new friends, collect new items, discover hidden caves and discover secret flying routes. OOrgames is an indie game studio made up of a group of flying enthusiasts.

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Are you ready for a new thrilling ride? Are you ready to experience the pixelated world of flying? Yes, finally you can experience the flying world in a new way. This time, you will be flying and exploring the pixelated world from the perspective of a bird. Isn’t it super exciting? In this blog, we will teach you how to make a flying game in 3 steps. 

How to play Flying Orange

Instruction Left arrow key = move left Right arrow key - move right Z = jump X = use jet You can modify the configuration of the controls in the game menu