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Count Master

If you are searching for a simple game to pass time, then Count Master is perfect for you. This hypercasual game is all about counting and numbers. Your main task in this game is to help the little white ball reach the gate at the end of each level. When you start playing the game, you will be surprised with how many different levels it has. It will surely keep you challenged for hours as you play it casually or as an alternative pastime activity if you have nothing else to do. We know that it’s pretty difficult for most players to get to see all of the little white ball’s upgrades and hidden stars scattered across each level due to the limited number of buttons on mobile devices. 

Counting is a fun and simple game for everyone! You must be thinking how it is possible to have fun playing counting games. Well, here are some easy tips that can help you with this. In this article, we will highlight some of the best counting games for your kids. Why Play Counting Games? Playing counting games with your kids is one of the best ways to develop their mental abilities and introduce them to new things. These games also teach your kid about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with probability and math patterns. These skills are very important in learning other subjects like grammar, spelling and even geography! So what are you waiting for?

Counting is hard, that’s why you play Counting Run! This run and gun arcade game will have you counting apples before you can even finish a level. As soon as you pick up the controller, you’ll see how easy it is to let the numbers get away from you. The gameplay is simple enough: hold down left trigger and tap right to jump over apple counters, collect stars and keep moving forward. However, unless your skills are sharp as a blade or patience as an orchard, this game will challenge even the best of players. 

In Counting Runner, you are the runner of a remote tribe and you have to help your people survive. Alone in a vast, unknown land, you must find new ways to build a thriving civilization. Use your wits and yourrunning skills to keep the tribe alive through intricate cave networks, treacherous mountain passes, and endless plains. But beware! The land is filled with danger. There are predators lurking in every corner and they will do anything they can to end your people’s existence. 

Counting is a challenging activity that can be fun at the same time. To make it more interesting, why not involve some competition? And this is how games like Count the Stars were born. They may look simple, but they are actually very addictive. That’s why we have created this list to help you find some of the best hypercasual, casual and arcade games that involve counting. 

How to play Count Master

Using Mouse