2 Player Moto Racing

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2 Player Moto Racing

Are you ready to play some motorbike racing? In 2 Player Moto Racing game, you have to race your opponent on a slick track. Use the accelerometer of your mobile phone to control both racers at the same time. You can use either arrow keys for movement or tilt the phone for controlling their direction and speed. The key to winning is good timing. If you want to win, you need top-notch timing and reflexes. Good luck! Car games are fun but not when playing against real players. That’s why we’ve developed Car Racing 2 Player Moto Racing! In this game, you will drive two motorbikes at once in an online multiplayer space, just like in real life. The only difference is that there are no other cars on the road with you, so it’s a lot easier than actually playing against other people in real life! Even so, it won’t be easy to win because other players will complete more laps than you do while they have more stamina as well. 

This is a 2 player motorcycle moto racing game. You will be racing against your friend as the 2 player characters. You can select different tracks with different scenery and see who can finish first. This is a very simple game with just 1 level of gameplay but it's still very addictive and fun to play. There are 13 total tracks in this game (3 for each character). The more you play, the better you get at it! To avoid any confusion: - This app is designed for 2 players only. If you want to play with more than 2 players, we recommend playing with AI racers instead. - Playing this game with a Friend = Playing this on other social media apps like Google Play Games, Facebook is NOT supported by us in order that save data would be wiped or corrupted if played on such platforms.

Nice game where you have to control your bike and avoid other cars. In this racing game, you are on a motorbike and your objective is to reach the finish line before your opponents. There are other motorbikes on the road so stay alert and make strategic manoeuvres to dodge them if necessary. You have 3 lives and if you run out then it’s over. The more experienced players will discover many ways to increase their points rating such as by performing off-road stunts, avoiding hazards on the road or simply making better use of their time by driving faster at crucial moments. So what are you waiting for?

In Cardriving, you will have to balance your racers as they race on their motorbikes past obstacles and other players. The first player to reach the finish receives three stars; the second player 2 and third player 1 star. You can compete against opponents with different card types from 4 to 7 cards. In addition, there are also some bonuses that can be obtained at different points in the track. The best way to play this game is with friends or family members. If you want to challenge your friends, then we recommend playing against them via Google Play Games as well as Facebook integration.

Play this fun racing game in the galaxy! Collect stars and upgrade your racer to become stronger. You can play with 2 players. The player who collects more stars will be the winner. Races against your friends for a better score! Stay on the track to win the race. Rally your motorbike and avoid other racers on the road by using your hand as a shield when you are scared or about to crash. Use boosters along the way to keep pushing yourself faster towards victory. This is a fast-paced racing game, so go ahead and test your reflexes!

How to play 2 Player Moto Racing

Using Mouse